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Seal Paving – The Professional Service

Seal paving so it is easier to keep clean. A dirty driveway does not make a good impression. 

Sealed paving is much easier to keep free of dirt and debris. Sweeping takes half the time with a better result.

The biggest benefit of keeping paving clean is that it lasts longer. That is what most property owners and managers want.  

There are different types of sealants on the market. Most hardware stores and gardening retailers stock a few brands. 

We use chemicals specially made for this purpose. The manufacturers we buy from mostly supply paving contractors. It is unlikely that you will find their products in a retail store.

The active ingredient of a sealant is either water-based or polyurethane-based. Each type of sealer has advantages and disadvantages. 

Choose the option best suited for your paving based on the following:

  • The type of paver
  • Age of the installation
  • Has the surface been sealed before

The porosity of different pavers vary. Some pavers require more coats of sealant than others. The age of the installation also has a bearing on how worn the surface is. Besides, the type of traffic using the paved surface is also a factor. A porous surface requires more coats. But, there is a specific drying time needed between the application of each coat. Applying a few coats one after the other could be a problem depending on the type of sealant. 

New paving installations must settle for several weeks before being sealed. That is to allow the efflorescence to run its course. 

Last, but not least, is a personal preference for a matt, or a gloss finish.

Our professional paving sealing service is available in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

A small investment in the maintenance of your paving now is worth so much more in the future. 



We use proprietary chemicals.

Not available at retailers.

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