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Paving Laying Patterns

Paving laying patterns depend on different factors.

Besides the practical purpose of the paving, there is also the appearance of the paved area to consider.

The paving laying patterns on this page are the most commonly used.

These form the the basic layout, but a creative twist makes for not only interesting, but also unique, designs.

Combining two different types of pavers adds to the overall look of the paving.

Use one type of paver as an inlay into the main body of the paving for a stylish look.


Stretcher Bond Paving Laying Pattern

This is a traditional pattern which replicates the look of random cobblestone paving.


Stackbond Paving Laying Pattern

This paving pattern is used for large format square flagstones offering simple and straight lines for a modern look.


Diamond Paving Laying Pattern

A simple variation to the stackbond pattern with the flagstones, or cobbles, creating diamond shapes.

Basketweave Paving Laying Pattern

This pattern works well for smaller-sized rectangular bricks and can add intrigue to small areas.

Herringbone 90 Degree Paving Laying Pattern

This is the most common pattern perfect for driveways as the interlock of the pavers adds extra strength to the paving structure.

Herringbone 45 Degree Paving Laying Pattern

This option provides a pleasing alternative to the 90 degree pattern.

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