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About Us – Our Approach and Achievements

Genesis Paving company achievements in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Reasons why you should choose our paving and construction services for all your property improvement requirements. We are an owner-managed company that takes pride in our work.

Our Philosophy
We strive to deliver superior quality projects. It always starts with a well-thought-out design. Which takes into consideration the structural, functional, practical, and aesthetic requirements of the project. If you want to add value to your property you should use our paving and construction services.
Only a professional contractor who ticks all these boxes can deliver a superior quality project:
  • Proper understanding of your requirements and vision for the final result;
  • Matches your requirements your requirements and final vision with the practical parameters of the site;
  • Knows who the trusted suppliers are as well as the technical specs of their different ranges
  • Experience of working with all the various products and the pros and cons of each;
  • Thorough understanding of industry regulations;
  • A keen eye to identify snags early on and address them quickly;
  • Practical about problem-solving to find fit for purpose solutions during the construction process;
  • Guarantees their workmanship;
  • Actually honours the Warranty.

Genesis Paving Company Achievements:

  • 95% Client satisfaction level.
  • Celebrating 7 years in business.
  • 18 Years of industry experience.
  • R20 million plus worth of value added to commercial and private properties.
  • More than 300 successful construction and paving projects delivered.
  • 200 new job opportunities created over time.
  • Strong relationships with trusted suppliers.
  • Extensive experience in various types of paving and construction projects.
  • Certified property development knowledge.
  • Professional construction project management.
  • Company established in 2014.
  • Operations commenced in the two most competitive markets in the country:
    • Cape Town;
    • Johannesburg.

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