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Commercial Paving: Supply & Installation

Commercial paving and industrial paving are very similar. The difference lies in the purpose of the paving. See more about this further down.
Paving and construction are not the same. Any builder can put down bricks on the ground and call it paving. Only a professional paving contractor has the skill to install paving correctly so that it looks great and lasts a long time. This saves you money in the long run. Good paving enhances the appearance of your property. And that will increase its market value. Guaranteed.
The first impression of your property is created by the paving of the road, parking, pavement, and walkways.
Residential property developers know how important this is to attract potential buyers. Closing the deal is much easier when you don’t have to explain why the paving doesn’t look great.
Losing potential business because of a poor first impression is a costly mistake.
Retail property developers and managers must attract shoppers to their centres. Customers choose to spend their time in a comfortable, appealing retail environment. The outing must be an enjoyable experience. That is how they decide which of the many available retail centres they will frequent. No-one wants to manouvre a shopping cart across a deteriorated road, or pavement. It is frustrating.
Commercial paving installed by a specialised contractor is good for business.

Commercial Paving Requirements:

  • Aesthetics is very important.

  • The load-bearing requirement is not as high.

  • Likely to require a more expensive paver. (The installation in the photo above is cement cobble pavers.)


Industrial Paving Requirements:

  • Strength is very important.

  • Must carry the load of very large, heavy vehicles – over 40 tonnes.

  • The standard 80mm cement brick interlocker is needed. (Shown in the photo above.)

The Sites Where We Install Paving:


Residential Property Developments | Apartment Buildings | Hotels | Offices | Retail Centres | Churches | Schools | Warehouses | Factories | Truckyards | Bus Depots

Commercial paving supplied and installed – a few examples:

Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation

Public Rest Area

Simulated Stone Pavers

cement-interlocking-brick-paving cement-interlocking-brick-paving

Factory Entrance Road

Cement Interlocking Brick Pavers

commercial-paving-installation-contractor-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-parking-paving commercial-paving-installation-contractor-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-parking-paving

Commercial Offices Parking

Cement Brick Pavers

commercial-paving-residential-property-development-main-entrance commercial-paving-residential-property-development-main-entrance

Residential Property Development

Clay Brick Pavers

Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation

Corporate Head Offices Staff Pause Area

Simulated Stone Pavers

cement-interlocking-brick-paving cement-interlocking-brick-paving

Entertainment Centre Road

Cement Brick Interlocking Pavers

Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation Simulated-Stone-Paving-Installation

Shopping Centre Pedestrian Walkways

Simulated Stone Pavers

cement-interlocking-brick-paving cement-interlocking-brick-paving

Warehouse Offices Road

Cement Brick Interlocker Pavers

commercial-paving commercial-paving

Hotel Entrance Road

Cement Cobble Pavers

cement-split-interlocker-brick-paving cement-split-interlocker-brick-paving

Residential Estate Main Entrance

Cement Brick Pavers – Split Interlocker

commercial-paving-installation-contractor-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-road-paving-company commercial-paving-installation-contractor-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-road-paving-company

Commercial Office Park Roads & Parking

Cement Brick Interlocker Paver

commercial-paving commercial-paving

School Pedestrian Walkways & Courtyards

Clay Brick Pavers

commercial-paving commercial-paving

Apartment Building Pavement and Basement Parking Entrance

Cement Cobble Pavers

commercial-paving commercial-paving

Residential Estate Road Infrastructure

Cement Brick Interlocking Pavers

commercial-paving commercial-paving

Upmarket Accommodation Entrance Road

Cement Flagstone and Cobble Pavers

We have installed commercial paving for many different clients. They required the following types of installations:

  • Roads

  • Pavements

  • Parking

  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • Drop-off Zones & Turning Circles

  • Loading Bays

  • Smoking Shelters

  • Resting Spaces for Staff

  • Corporate Entertainment Areas

  • Basement Parking Access Ramps

  • Waste & Recycling Disposal Yard

  • Truck Wash Bay

Types of  cement pavers we install:

Cement-Brick-Bevel-Bond-Pavers Cement-Brick-Bevel-Bond-Pavers

Bevel Bond Paver

Cement-Interlocking-Paver Cement-Interlocking-Paver

Interlocking Paver

Cement-Brick-Bevel-Bond-Paver-Exposed-Aggregate Cement-Brick-Bevel-Bond-Paver-Exposed-Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate Bevel Bond Paver

Cement-Cobblestone-Paver-Smooth-Surface Cement-Cobblestone-Paver-Smooth-Surface

Smooth Surface Cobblestone Paver

Cement-Cobblestone-Paver-Textured-Surface Cement-Cobblestone-Paver-Textured-Surface

Textured Surface Cobblestone Paver

Cement-Brick-Paver-Split-Bevel-Bond Cement-Brick-Paver-Split-Bevel-Bond

Split Bevel Bond

We only buy pavers from trusted manufacturers with whom we have a strong relationship. They guarantee their products and that is why we prefer their pavers. The discounted prices we pay are to our clients’ benefit.

See the other types of pavers we install here.

These paving laying patterns work well for most heavy-duty paving installations:

Herringbone-90-Degree-paving-laying-pattern Herringbone-90-Degree-paving-laying-pattern

90 Degree Herringbone – Cement Brick and Cobble Pavers

Herringbone-45-Degree-paving-laying-pattern Herringbone-45-Degree-paving-laying-pattern

45 Degree Herringbone – Cement Brick and Cobble Pavers

double-herringbone-45-degree-paving-laying-pattern double-herringbone-45-degree-paving-laying-pattern

Double Herringbone 45 Degree – Cement and Cobble Pavers

The road kerbs we install:

road-kerbs-we-install-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town road-kerbs-we-install-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town
  • Figure 3 Kerb
  • Figure 4 Kerb
  • Figure 7 Kerb
  • Figure 8B Kerb
  • Figure 8C Kerb
  • Figure 12 Kerb
  • Figure 14 Kerb
  • Transitional Kerb
  • Delineator Kerb
  • Channel Kerb
Kerb-Installation-Parking-Bay-Barrier Kerb-Installation-Parking-Bay-Barrier

Kerb Installation – Parking Bay Barrier

Kerb-Installation-Pavement Kerb-Installation-Pavement

Kerb Installation – Pavement

Kerb-Installation-Pavement Kerb-Installation-Pavement

Kerb Installation – Pavement

Kerb-Installation-Pavement-Johannesburg Kerb-Installation-Pavement-Johannesburg

Kerb Installation – Pavement

Kerb-Installation-Pavement Kerb-Installation-Pavement

Kerb Installation – Pavement

Tactile pavers for vision-impaired pedestrians:

tactile-paver-warning tactile-paver-warning

Tactile Paver – Warning

tactile-paver-directional tactile-paver-directional

Tactile Paver – Directional

tactile-paver-pedestrian-crossing tactile-paver-pedestrian-crossing

Tactile Paver – Pedestrian Crossing

tactile-paver-cyclist-crossing tactile-paver-cyclist-crossing

Tactile Paver – Cyclist Crossing

tactile-paving-installation-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town tactile-paving-installation-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

Tactile Paving Installation at Road Intersection – Directional

tactile-paving-installation-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town tactile-paving-installation-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

Tactile Paving Installation at Road Intersection – Directional

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