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Walls, Steps and Flower Boxes: Design & Construction

Genesis Paving and Construction adds Rand value to your property with walls, steps and flower boxes.

We serve residential and commercial clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and surrounding areas.

Carefully constructed walls, steps, and flower boxes improve the appearance and appeal of your property.

  • walls-steps-and-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Patio steps with smooth bullnose coping

  • walls-steps-and-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Pathway and step in clay brick pavers

  • walls-steps-and-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Patio paved in large tiles and steps with bullnose coping

  • walls-steps-and-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Front door porch and steps in charcoal tiles

  • walls-steps-and-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Flagstone patio with steps down to garden

  • construction-of-boundary-walls-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Boundary wall plastered and cladded

  • construction-of-retaining-walls-in-garden-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg

    Retaining wall for flower box unplastered

  • boundary-wall-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Boundary wall plastered with decorative cladding and lighting

  • boundary-walls-construction-company-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg

    Plastered boundary wall with fancy pillars and capping

  • construction-of-retaining-walls-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg

    Retaining wall constructed from precast concrete blocks

  • walls-steps-flowerboxes-construction-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town

    Fancy flower box constructed next to driveway

  • construction-company-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-of-paved-garden-pathways-steps-and-flower-boxes

    Terraced flower boxes with steps down to paved pathway

  • contractor-in-johannesburg-and-cape-town-for-construction-of-exterior-retaining-walls

    Flower box constructed with a low retaining wall

  • construction-company-in-cape-town-and-johannesburg-for-brick-walls-steps-and-flowerboxes

    Terraced flower boxes with steps leading up to front door

Walls, steps and flower boxes increase the resale value of your property

These exterior features can transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary. In other words, you can market your home and business premises for a higher price.

All properties need some form of boundary wall and retaining wall.

Boundary walls also serve a practical purpose. To keep occupants inside and unwanted visitors out of the property.

Street-facing boundary walls house the access gate. It is the first sight of the property when people arrive there.

That is why it must be more than practical. It must enhance the curb appeal and add value to the property.

There are many ways to construct a boundary wall to be a unique feature of the property.

Pillars, capping, cladding, textured plaster, and lighting add to the aesthetics of the structure.

An arched curved wall for the section housing the main gate makes for a most attractive entrance.

Directing water flow is central to planning the layout of the yard

Hence the need for retaining walls.

Retaining walls can be features in themselves. They must be practical and constructed to be fit for purpose.

But with a bit of creativity, the retaining wall can house a flower box. It could even be the base for a pathway across the yard. 

Cladding will make the retaining wall an exterior feature in itself.

Steps are there for practical purposes. But they can be constructed to enhance the exterior of the property.

Adding lighting alongside steps makes it safer to walk up or down them in the dark without tripping.

Once the steps are built, the bullnose treading and cladding of the face can turn a functional structure into a beautiful feature.

Add a beautifully paved driveway and you have an entrance that will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

We build structures and features that make a lasting impression.

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