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Repair Paving – The Professional Service

Repair paving when needed to prevent failure of the entire installation. If left, it will deteriorate to the point where you will have no choice but to replace it.

Our professional paving repair service is available to residential and commercial clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and surrounding areas.

The longevity of paving is entirely dependent on the quality of the initial installation.

Some contractors take shortcuts on the preparation of the ground.

To the untrained individual, it is not obvious at first, because the newly-installed paving looks nice. But there will problems with slippage and cracking in the future.

Examples of paving that must be repaired:

Does your paving look like any of the photos above?
If the answer is yes, you need help from a professional paving contractor.
The best option is to repair a section of the paving installation when it becomes necessary.
Simply leaving it in a broken state will only make the problem bigger.
But the most important factor is that the repair must be done correctly.
Otherwise, you will be wasting your money.

A solution to the broken paving:

Before we provide a solution to the problem, we want to understand what caused the deterioration to start with.
The root cause must be addressed so the problem doesn’t happen again.
There are many aspects of the original installation that could have been overlooked. For example, ensuring that the paving slopes correctly.
Water must be directed to flow away from the paving. If the water does not run off, it pools in one place, resulting in a damp spot.
That is a perfect environment for moss to grow. Not only does moss make the paving slippery and no longer safe to walk on, but it also damages the surface of the paver.
Rather prevent moss from growing on the paving in the first place.

We do not replace paving unless we have to:

No-one has money to waste.

So, if we can still use the pavers then we uplift and re-install them.

The uplifting process could result in some breakage.

This is not a problem with most types of pavers.

We mix the new bricks in with the old bricks when we re-install.

The slight difference between them will not be visible for long. Eventually the new pavers fade and blend in perfectly with the re-used pavers.

However, having said that we will advise you on what the best value-for-money option is.

Sometimes it is cheaper, in the long run, to install new paving than to uplift and relay old paving.

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