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Clean Paving – The Professional Service


Clean paving creates a good impression of your property.

Paving endures a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. Driveways in particular are used very much so stains are expected to appear from time to time. Tyre marks are a common occurrence on a driveway.

Paving must be cleaned regularly. Keeping your paving clean increases the longevity of the installation.

Layers of dirt and debris damage the surface of the paver. A damaged surface cannot be repaired.

We use equipment and chemicals designed to clean paving. We buy these chemicals from specialised manufacturers.

Using the wrong brush on a scrubber, or the wrong chemical will damage the paving. Washing out the grout because you are using the wrong technique is a problem. Repairing the grouting in between the pavers is an arduous task.

Once the surface is damaged the paver will not look good again.

Different types of pavers require different techniques and chemicals. The cleaning solution depends on the following:

  • The type of stain
  • Length of time the stain has been there
  • The type of paver
  • The finish of the paver

We provide a professional paving cleaning service to get your paving looking good in no time at all.

Our recommendation is to get a professional service provider to clean your paving at least once every two years.

It is a good idea to seal the paving. Then you don’t have to clean the paving that often.

Cleaning: The Wrong Technique


Cleaning: The Right Technique


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