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Clay Is Classic

Clay Is Classic


Clay is classic paving. Property owners looking for quality and durabilty prefer clay brick pavers. Architects, designers and landscapers choose clay brick paving for its aesthetic appeal. Lately, it is also becoming increasingly popular with commercial property developers because it is a more cost-effective option for the long term.

Here are just some of the many advantages of clay brick paving:

Appearance – clay pavers retain their robust colour forever, because thay are kiln-fired. Their vibrant appearance is not affected by UV light. Unlike cement pavers where the colour fades after a few years of exposure to sunlight.

Choice – clay pavers are available in different colours to suit any location and you can lay clay pavers in any bond paving pattern.

Maintenance – clay brick paving needs very little maintenance. It is resistant to weather conditions and not as susceptible as cement pavers to stains from petrol, oil, rubber, dirt and grit.

Durable –  clay pavers are exceptionally hard and can withstand an enormously high load level. So your paving installation will last a very long time. That is why clay paving retains a high residual value because it can be recycled numerous times.

Environmentally-friendly – clay pavers are made from a readily available, naturally occurring substance. No environmentally damaging products are used in producing clay pavers. In addition, many  manufacturers are adopting more sustainable production methods.

Slip resistance – clay paving provides perfect traction for you to drive and walk on without slipping, even when wet. This makes them perfect for wet areas with heavy foot traffic, such as swimming pool surrounds or steep pathways.

Cost-effective – clay pavers don’t require much maintenance and last incredibly long. That is why clay paving is a more cost-effective investment in the long run.

Last but not least…

Classic Style – clay paving has been in style for centuries and will forever remain timeless in its appearance.

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