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We know that first impressions last, that is why they are so important.

The best quality cement or clay paving installation at a competitive price requires the know-how, skills and expertise of a paving specialist. Building and paving are very different and each one requires very specific skills. Despite what many might say, designing the most suitable and aesthetically-pleasing paving installation and completing the construction thereof so that it not only looks great, but also lasts a very long time, is not something that can be done by a general building contractor.

To stay ahead of our competitors means that we simply cannot be the same as them we strive to be consistently better. Which is why we have more paving industry knowledge and work harder and smarter than anyone else. Truly bringing our clients’ concept to life and making the experience a good one, takes much, much more than what other paving companies, even those who have been around for decades, have to offer. We realise that our clients want more than just brick layers; they want a skilled, experienced, professional, passionate and committed Team who understands that their property is a valuable asset and that the paving installation must add to the return on their investment.

The Genesis Paving philosophy starts with taking pride in all that we do. Doing good work is not the whole job – the little things matter too and if you don’t love what you do, it will never be done the best that you can do it. The end result will not reflect the quality of the skilled workmanship and the attention to detail that went into it, nor will it be eye-catching. Simply put it just won’t sparkle.

Our passion for our work sets the tone for the performance expected from every member of our Team. We take pride in every design we present and every paver we lift or lay, regardless of the size of the paving project. In our operation each person brings his or her unique set of talent and skills to bear; from our technically savvy Business Representatives and Project Managers, to our highly skilled Construction Team, professional Site Managers, Quality Controllers and our friendly and efficient Office Support Staff.

Email, or call, us for the best and unbiased paving advice, expert solutions, stylish designs, professional paving quotes and quality guaranteed workmanship available in the SA paving industry today.

Our Purpose, Mission and Values

To deliver superior quality paving installations; beginning with a well thought out design, taking into consideration both the structural and aesthetic requirements of the project.

To demonstrate a level of excellence in our profession never seen before, by integrating the right technologies with best-of-breed quality and service excellence, throughout our paving construction and installation process, with particular emphasis on creating cohesion between both parties and all aspects of the installation, from start to finish.

Innovation and excellence. Our ongoing quest to deliver results that do more than just meet clients’ expectations, by exploring new approaches, or re-inventing existing techniques and methods.

Simplicity and consistency. Constantly crafting our best practices across all phases of our work and replicating them where possible; enables us to focus on the key success factors of your project and deliver the desired end result.

Perseverance and commitment. Challenges are expected and we use every opportunity to demonstrate that we go the extra mile to get the job done given the factors that are within our control.

Trust and transparency. Ethical conduct and doing what we say every step of the way prevents misunderstanding, avoids confusion and discontent.

Respect and dignity. Interactions with all our stakeholders, internally and externally, are guided by this cornerstone of our culture. It encourages teamwork which improves performance for a high quality output.

Honour and integrity. Doing the right thing; even in adverse situations is never negotiable.

Our History

The construction and sales insight and experience gained by the two Co-Founders, coupled with their thorough understanding of the industry and a burning desire to build a business based on honesty, trust, quality work, innovation and extraordinary client interaction, is what lead to the birth of a new company that is premised on setting new standards in the paving industry.

The Co-Founders of Genesis Paving both began their careers at one of the oldest paving companies in South Africa. One as a junior member of an installation team and the other as a junior sales consultant.

Being hands-on, literally on the ground with the construction team, is invaluable when learning how to master the technical aspects vital to producing a top-quality result. To delight a client starts with truly understanding their needs and then providing them with suitable options to choose from. Following this up with ensuring that the construction team actually delivers on what was promised, is the next step. Finally, ensuring that the client is satisfied and honouring the guarantee, is what really matters.



    First impressions last, that is why they are so important. We know that our clients want more than just casual brick layers. They are looking for a team of professional, experienced, skilled, passionate and committed specialists who understand that their property is a valuable asset and that exterior structures, features and surfaces must add to the return on their investment. The best quality cement, clay or simulated stone paving installation at a competitive price that will last a very long time requires the know-how, skills and expertise of a specialist paving company.



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