Selecting the right patio paving contractor can be quite a daunting exercise and it is always tempting to lean towards the cheaper paving quotations. Our aim is to be the best, not the cheapest, paving company.

We specialise in designing and installing paved patios and entertainment areas.

Adding a fire pit, built-in brick braai, bar or server and benches for seating, enhances the functionality of the space.

Each fire pit we install is custom-designed and custom-built. The various styles of cladding we install are all top-of-the-range simulated stone cladding.

Among many key considerations is the proximity of the patio to the swimming pool as it impacts the type of paver that will be suitable. Also important is the exposure of the patio area to the elements as it determines the type of paver best suited for it to be long-lasting.

When designing and quoting on a patio paving installation it is very important to ensure that the correct groundwork is carried out if necessary and that the gradient allows the water to drain away and not pool on your patio.

Whilst the patio paver you select is ultimately what you see once the patio paving is complete, the longevity and durability of the installation actually depends on a thorough assessment of the area and proper preparation of the base and sub base before laying the paving.

We don’t believe in cutting corners and that is why we will give you the best patio paving advice and recommendations taking into account all the important factors to ensure a successful patio paving installation.

Contact us today for the best and totally unbiased, paving advice, expert solutions, stylish designs, professional paving quotes and quality guaranteed workmanship available in South Africa.

*Disclaimer – we don’t guarantee that the exact pavers and other paving products shown in the photos on this page are available, however we will match the shape, size, texture and colour as closely as possible with what is available on the market at the time of your enquiry.