The lifespan of a paving installation depends entirely on the following:

  1. The thorough preparation of the area prior to the installation (depending on the type of soil, amongst other factors, if the correct earthworks isn’t done the installation will fail).
  2. Proper paving installation techniques, particularly when it comes to exposed edges.
  3. The type of paver installed.
  4. The purpose for which the paved area is used; namely the type of wear and tear it is exposed to.
  5. Regular and ongoing maintenance of the paving.

Besides clay brick pavers, there isn’t another type of paver that lasts more than 15 to 20 years, provided that all of the above was carried out. Clay pavers do also chip and crack over time; however they are more durable because they are made from clay and not cement or simulated stone.

Refurbishing paving could simply be a deep clean of the paved area, or if there are areas where the paving is damaged, it would require fixing the paving where necessary before it is cleaned.

It is true that weeds grow from under the pavers and many so-called paving contractors recommend placing plastic sheeting under the pavers.

We do not advocate this practice. We do always recommend that the sub-base is treated beforehand with the correct product to minimise this from happening.

All paving installations that have been grouted using the dry grout technique will be prone to weeds and therefore it is important to carry out regular maintenance. The weeds grow as a result of bird droppings and the seeds take root in the grouting sand.

Our Business Representatives and Project Managers are trained to carefully assess the paving installation and make recommendations based on what would be in your best interest; both financially as well as for the aesthetics of the paving.

Our aim is to be conservative and to provide a solution for your paving installation that will be the most cost effective in the long term; whether a deep clean will be sufficient, or whether paving repairs are required in addition to the cleaning of the paving.

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