Our Warranty

We are so confident of the quality of the pavers we buy and the high standard of our workmanship that we guarantee it for 10 years*.

 Our guarantee covers our workmanship and the pavers are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. See from who we buy pavers on the Types of Pavers page.

*Warranty Terms and Conditions exclude:

  • Damage caused by heavy vehicles (for standard residential paving installations this means vehicles heavier than 4 tonnes).
  • Damage caused by other contractors.
  • Damage caused by acts of God or defects over which Genesis Paving has, or will have, no control.
  • All claims arising as a result of the lack of regular and proper maintenance of the paving.

All liability under the warranty is subject to Genesis Paving having received:

  • A signed copy of the Final Client Sign-off & Feedback document;
  • Proof of payment for the full and final amount due as per the final Quotation and Project Particulars or Statement & Invoice issued by Genesis Paving;
  • The amount due is reflected in the company’s bank account.

*More information about our warranty can be found in our Ts & Cs.

*We source products and materials directly from the manufacturers and we are reliant on the information they provide with regard to the availability of stock, the expected delivery date of the order, as well as the date and time that the order is scheduled to be delivered to your site. The delivery of product and materials take place based on the suppliers’ manufacturing and transport scheduling and we have to abide by it.