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Whether your primary consideration is aesthetics, deadlines, budget, or procurement requirements such as BEE certification, we are geared to provide you with the solution you need to meet your specific objectives.

Our commercial and industrial paving services provide you with a hands-on, turnkey and bespoke paving design and installation solution for your specific project.

Saving you time and money with service levels to match. 

When people arrive at your property the paving is the first impression they get of your property – something you don’t want to leave to chance.

Longevity is one of the most important considerations of your paving project and it is not negotiable. An expensive product installed badly will not last a year, however, a cheaper product installed properly and correctly should last decades.


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We have completed commercial paving projects for residential estates (both new developments as well as existing estates), schools, churches, retail and residential complexes, office blocks, warehouses and factories; including heavy-duty installations for clients who require the area to have a weight-bearing capacity of over 40 tonnes.

The commercial and industrial paving we have installed are for various applications and uses, such as:

  1. Residential estate entrances, roads and walkways (new developments and refurbishing existing installations)
  2. Pavements
  3. Kerbs and edging
  4. Pedestrian walkways
  5. Main entrances and driveways
  6. Heavy-duty kerbing and edging
  7. Parking areas
  8. Drop-off zones and turning circles
  9. Smoking shelters / entertainment areas
  10. Office complexes
  11. Apartment block parking bays
  12. Retail centres

We take pride in every design we present and every project we take on, regardless of its size. Putting our client’s needs first is what drives us to continuously strive towards excellence in every aspect that is important to you.

*Disclaimer – we don’t guarantee that the exact pavers and other products shown in the photos on this page are available, however we will match the shape, size, texture and colour as closely as possible with what is available on the market at the time of your enquiry.